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Staged by the people of Ada to commemorate the ancient wars between themselves and their neighboring ethnic groups, Asafotufiam is an annual celebration of pomp, paegentry and musketry. Indeed the word “Asafotu”  means musketry firing by a company.  Traditionally, the celebration starts from the first Thursday in the month of August with  spiritual cleansing at family shrines throughout the kingdom. Don’t be surprised to learn however that, in some communities it starts from the last Thursday in July.

You need to see the military precision with which the two asafo (in the past these served as the various military wings of the kingdom) companies known as the ‘Asorkor’ and ‘Akompde’ parade through the town with drumming and singing of war songs.  While there, you cannot miss the captivating story about the old battlefield called ‘Aplenaver’ and the exploits it witnessed.

This significant festival reaches its climax with a colorful procession of the traditional chiefs in their palanquins with their servants. Give your eyes a treat  and jump into the mood!– visit Ada to experience this distinctive tradition and uniquely wonderful display of traditional war skills. The town’s geographical coordinates are 5º 47’ 0” North, 0º 38’ 0” East.

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