Upper East Region

Upper East Region

Things to do - general

This region brings the slogan ‘you wouldn’t come this far for nothing’ alive! From the whistling rocks at Tongo to the friendly crocodiles at Paga you can’t help but feel you are in Savanna heaven.

The brisk business across the border with Burkina Faso and the striking round well decorated huts are definitely worth your attention (and pictures!). In the Upper East you can’t fail to find beautifully crafted handicrafts selling far cheaper than down south.

Be sure to grab a drink of Pito to help you overcome the hot dry weather. But don’t drink too much because its alcoholic potency is very high!

Getting there and around
Bolgatanga, the regional capital is joined to the country’s massive road network and thus it is reached by the public bus system. Your best bet is to get a bus connection from Tamale or Kumasi.

As usual, there are many taxis and mini vans that ply specific routes within the capital or can be hired to take you any place of your choice.

Country Ghana
Languages spokenFrafra, Kosaase,
Currency usedGhana Cedi (GHC)
Area (km2)8,842 km2

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