This rock shrine is located at Domama in the Daboase District of the Western Region. This is a remarkable secluded place where huge rocks each measuring about 30 metres long and 25 metres high
with a fourth one measuring about 32 metres long covering the top to create space underneath that can accommodate about 50 people are found.

Tradition has it that this rock was once the abode of the oracles. Mysteries surrounding this rock indicate that the area is naturally kept clean by the spirits.

This beautiful natural architectural formation has amazed those have adventured it. Be inspired to learn about its importance to the people and the rituals and celebration surrounding it. If you are willing, you can take a canoe ride on the Pra River which flows around the rock.

Getting there
You can easily access this attraction from central regional capital of cape coast. Travel north of cape coast – Twifo Praso road along Kakum National Park and turn left at Ankaako. From Cape Coast, board Atobiase Metro Mass bus heading Atobiase and Domaama. Locate the reception at Domaama lorry station. You will have to go on a canoe to reach the shrine.

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