The Volta River estuary is an area where the biggest river in Ghana meets the ocean. The environment of this estuary boasts of one of the pleasant formation along the coast.

The estuary is an area of great scenic beauty, with river and ocean beaches, and picnic spots shaded by palm trees. The sand bars are the nesting grounds for sea birds, and endangered species of turtle are found. The thrill of it all is how the salty ocean mixes with a freshwater river.

Reach out to admire many plant and animal species that thrive in the estuary. The calm water provide a safe area for small fish which you will enjoy sighting. Spot some shellfish on the shore. The waters are rich in nutrients such as plankton and bacteria and attract number of migrating birds and shore animals which you will love to see.

Observe how the estuary provides a natural barrier to the torrential ocean waves. Everything here is great for your leisure; starting with beautiful and airy beach-water front, varieties of places to eat, great
swimming potentials, well equipped river front resorts that offers canoeing or boat riding, beautiful private vantage point on the tip of an island in the Volta River, and a lush vegetation.

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