This age old arboretum has come alive in the last 10 years not because of its 300 butterfly species, 100 tropical trees and over 110 birds, but mainly because a 320-metre long walkway with five bridges and six platforms has been constructed.

This walkway( the second of its kind in Ghana) gives you a unique aerial view of the forest. A natural walk through the forest routes will inspire you to appreciate the beauty of learning about cultural, medicinal and economic importance of the trees.

Bunso is a forest reserve protected by local tradition. This 200 hectares forest is a habitat of some some which are rare and could only easily be found at this forest.

This forest reserve is also a home to Ghana’s second canopy walkway. Notwithstanding the diverse flora and fauna, the reserve has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere which is ideal for reflection and meditation.

There is a small guest house there which you can check into and you can be sure the serenity of the reserve and the cool natural environment plus the occasional live band music is enough to soothe your tense nerves.

How to get there
Locate Bunso 120 kilometres from the national capital Accra, 150 km from Kumasi, and 3 km from the Bunso-Junction on the Accra-Kumasi highway to Bunso. Board any of the transport options bound from Accra to Kumasi and disembark at Bunso junction

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