This tree is a must-see! believed to be about 400 to 500 years old, although oral history dates it older, it measures about 70 meters high and is very wide.

Located at Aprokum aboutase 18km from Oda, this ‘giant’ of a tree is touted to be the largest in West Africa and as usual, it comes with the usual myths of healing the sick, helping infertile women to conceive, and delivering prosperty.

Be sure to make prior by clicking here or by making direct arrangements from Oda town before getting there. The place is
sometimes weedy and inaccessible.

How to get there
Join a trotro from Oda to Swedru and hire a taxi to the town, Aprokumase. Alternatively, From Winneba, take minibus to Swedru and another to Aprokumase.

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