Visit this small historic farm owned by the most celebrated farmer who had no formal education yet introduced what would later become Ghana’s economic backbone. You will be surprised to know that the cocoa plant is that it is a non-native African plant so the question is.. “how did cocoa get to Ghana?” a visit to the farm will not only give you all the answers but you will see for yourselves two of the surviving original trees planted by Tetteh Quarshie- the clever blacksmith who ‘smuggled’ the original cocoa beans into Ghana.

Take the opportunity to visit interesting things around such as the centre for scientific research into plant medicine.

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Eastern Region

Eastern RegionThe Aburi Botanic Gardens is one of the most fascinating places in Ghana. This 64- hectare elevation of up to 460 meters above sea level offers a breathtaking view of the Accra coastal plain. To know the dignitaries who have visited Ghana you just have to visit the gardens as each of these dignitaries planted Read more

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