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5 reasons why you should take a leisure trip in 2021

Leisure travel may seem like a waste of money but it has enormous benefits you may have never thought about:

1. You get to step back from a busy routine and reflect!
Feeling stressed out from heavy traffic and a strict 9-5 routine? Travelling away from home give you a great opportunity to de-stress, smell fresh air and do something different. For families, church groups and the corporate world, a trip is the ideal opportunity for deeper bonding.

2. You get to know the country better
How much of Ghana do you know? Have you ever actually visited any of the great places you have read about? Broaden your scope, stretch your mind, see Ghana’s history at first hand, see other regions, see the countryside, learn about different cultures.

3. You get to spot new business opportunities.
Believe it or not travelling for leisure opens your mind to see business opportunities lying all around. Some of the world’s greatest business ideas have come to people who were on holiday.

4. You get to meet new people
Isn’t it time to meet new people and share ideas? Leisure travel can help you do just that. On a trip you get to meet new people, share ideas and ……you never know what could come out of that!

5. It has proven health benefits
This is the big one! Leisure travelling makes you healthier! Research has proven travel to reduce stress and anxiety, promote weight loss and improve overall mental health and boost confidence.

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January 12, 2021
Great piece Well done
January 23, 2021
Well written piece.

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