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3 reasons why you have to consider a leisure trip this Easter

3 reasons why you have to consider a leisure trip this Easter

Easter is here upon us once more and it is a time for sober reflection as well as relaxation. Roamghana shares with you three reasons why you have to undertake leisure travel this Easter.

  1. It’s not as expensive as you think
    “I can’t afford it” is the no1 barrier people cite to not travel or take an excursion. But this is actually a myth because like every other commodity or service there are different sizes for different pockets. The days where tourism was seen as the preserve for the elite are far gone. Believe it or not, you could enjoy a fun-filled all-inclusive day trip at www.roamghana.com for less than GHC150. There are also many overnight packages with decent accommodation which start as low as GHC400 or even less.
  2. It is food for your soul and family
    It has been proven scientifically that hitting the road for leisure and tourism does wonders to your body, mind and soul. Take advantage of the long Easter weekend to step out and bond with family and friends.
  3. Val’s day reloaded!
    For those couples and lovers who couldn’t quite get the time to celebrate Val’s day this is the perfect replacement opportunity! You could organise yourselves in groups to enjoy specially discounted group rates at www.roamghana.com

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