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10 Tips for hosting visitors

10 Tips for hosting visitors

by RoamGhana

  1. Smile and be cheerful and polite when dealing with them.. remember Ghana is known as a warm hospitable country.
  2. Don’t call them Obroni- they consider it offensive.
  3. Avoid speaking your local dialect when serving them or in their presence- they might think you are gossiping about them or insulting them.
  4. Be as honest and transparent as possible- this builds confidence and trust in you as a business.
  5. As much as you can address them as politely as you can. This makes them feel welcome. You may even call them ‘my brother or my sister’.
  6. Don’t be offended if they use their left hand in giving you money…. they don’t mean to be disrespectful. In their culture, it is normal.
  7. Don’t take advantage of your friendship with the visitors to harass them for money, email addresses, gifts etc.
  8. See yourself as part of the destination and encourage visitors to undertake more activities and spend longer days.
  9. Report any tourist breaking the law to the police-visitors have to be law abiding.
  10. Keep your surroundings clean, secure, safe and hygienic.

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